Going Wireless With Your Headphones

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Going Wireless With Your Headphones

Wired headphones are becoming outdated and archaic just like older technologies of yesteryear. Earbuds, Google hub, cell phones, streaming services, and navigation systems respond to our voice commands or reply properly without the need for wired speakers.

Remember when we used to be saddled to a telephone cord? You have to be from the baby boomers generation to remember that. In the old days, we had phones with long extension cords to allow us to walk around the room or house while still conversing on the phone and remain connected to the party on the other end of the telephone line. Though we were tethered to the handset, we felt a measure of freedom because we had a long cord and didn’t have to stand right by the telephone base. Most phones had 3-4 ft cord… Android, iPhone, and USB had not been invented yet and sound quality was (legible) but minimal.

I remember the first time I heard a CD playing. It was from a jukebox in the Cougar Eat at BYU. It was in the middle of the day and I thought “Why are they having a concert now?” We had never heard recorded music back then with the same quality as live bands. And phone quality has improved similarly.

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For the newer generations, back during the boomer generation, we had bands come to our schools, special events, and activities to perform music live, because the sound quality was so much better than recorded music at that time. Bands used to play covers then, and admittedly they weren’t as good as the original bands, but the sound they created was so much better than recording that we put up with something less than the original.

So there I stood, looking at this jukebox that was playing music that sounded as good as the live bands we were used to AND had the quality of the original performers–at least that’s what I thought at the time, which was back in the 80s.

Now jump forward more than three decades, and live bands are nowhere except at concerts. Disk jockeys perform original music at all events so live bands are a thing of the past.

Children are implementing technology sooner every day

Is it possible that younger generations will forget phone booths, the cost of long distance, and homes with a single phone? Only businesses installed multiple lines back in the day. 

But it’s not just phones that have progressed. Sound quality and delivery have improved considerably. Today’s generation creates custom playlists, uses the phone from their cars, and listens to their music everywhere, with the use of headphones and perhaps even more commonly earbuds.

Wireless convenience has hit the streaming industry with headphones everywhere. 

What’s next?

You will help decide that. The trends follow the wants and wishes of the communities where thy find root

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